• Actual IVIG Administration
  • APD Choice and Rights
  • APD Documentation
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers
  • Basic Wound Care Management
  • CPT & Suctioning
  • Detecting Child Abuse for Healthcare Professionals
  • First Aid for Healthcare Professionals
  • Florida 30 Hour LPN IV Course
  • Fundamentals of Body Mechanics and ROM Exercise
  • In-depth Trach and GT Care
  •  IVIG Administration
  •  LTV Management in the Home Setting
  •  Medical Emergencies in the Home
  •  Newborn/Infant Assessment and Use of the Apnea Monitor in the Home
  •  Nursing Documentation
  •  Pitfalls of Nursing Documentation
  •  PIV Insertion
  •  TPN Administration
  •  Ventilator Management

Description of Most Frequently Given “Live” Classes

Actual IVIG Administration – Review of IVIG administration with an actual infusion given to a patient

BLS  – American Heart CPR health care provider course.

CPT & Suctioning – Review of chest physiotherapy in infants and children and proper suctioning techniques.

In-depth Trach and GT Care – review of tracheostomy care, changing the ties, and changing the tracheostomy tube.  Review of gastrostomy care, changing the tube, bolus feeding, and continuous feedings.  Hands-on practice with a mannequin.

IVIG Administration – Review of IVIG administration in the home health patient.

LTV Management in the Home Setting –   Given by a respiratory therapist, review of the LTV ventilator with hands on practice.

Medical Emergencies in the Home – Review of what to do if the tracheostomy tube falls out, nursing interventions for apnea and bradycardia, and interventions for GI complications.

Newborn/Infant Assessment and Use of the Apnea Monitor in the Home –  Review of newborn and infant assessment, use of the apnea monitor, and nursing interventions for apnea and bradycardia.

Nursing Documentation – Review of proper nursing documentation

PIV Insertion – Review of peripheral IV insertions with hands-on practice with a mannequin.

Ventilator Management Part I – Review of terms used when operating a mechanical ventilator, what they mean, completing the ventilator flow sheet, and use of the peep valve.  Prepares attendees for a better understanding of the Lap Top ventilator class given by the respiratory therapist

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